Libertad a Los Niños Ya!

Un miembro del Partido de Izquierda llama a la unidad entre los inmigrantes centroamericanos y mexicanos y la comunidad chicana ante la crisis en la frontera.

English Translation

A member of Left Party calls for unity among Central American, Mexican, and Chican@ communities facing the current crisis of children detained at the border.

Thank you to everyone for coming. This is a tremendous crisis for our community, here in San Francisco but obviously also in all states, throughout the country.

It’s something that cannot happen; children are sacred.

These children need and deserve education, medical attention, care, and all the things that they need to grow, to become happy people, who can contribute to society.

This support is being denied; there are 60,000 children detained in detention centers of la migra. It’s disgusting. We can’t stand for this one single day longer. This is an immediate call to action for all those who are committed to our children and to the immigrant community in general.

When there are 60,000 children in detention centers, it resembles a situation of war.

Not only do we stand with the children currently detained, but also other children: Mexican youth with no protections, who face the threat of deportations on a daily basis, to be shipped back over the border to our country, Mexico, to face the misery, violence, and all the hazards from which we are trying to protect the children of Central American countries. This is a moment to maintain unity between the Central American community, the Mexican community, and the Chican@ community of this country. And to also look for this unity with other immigrants in this country, and other communities who are struggling for civil rights.

I want to use this opportunity to return to stating what we want. We demand from our government at this moment:

  • An immediate halt to deportations;
  • An extension of a status of protection for minors that is permanent;
  • These minors need to continue having this status of protection. And they shouldn’t even try to bring it up again, to take away this protection. And all the legislators and Obama say that they all need to return. We say they DO NOT have to return, and this status of protection should continue, and these children should to be protected immediately, the instant they step foot into this country!

At the same time, if these youth can’t be reunited with their families, we call for their integration into our communities, with the necessary resources for us to care for them. If they can’t be with their families, they don’t belong in detention centers! They belong with us. In our organizations, in our families. And we in San Francisco say to the entire nation: we accept these children no matter what! With resources, or without resources — because this house is open to our children.


I would like to invite all of you to an Emergency Community Forum this Saturday at the Precita Center, 12pm, where we are going to plan how we are going to confront this crisis. How we are going to organize ourselves in all of the Bay; how we will organize nationally; and how we will seek international solidarity. Because this affair is not just ours; the rest of the world needs to condemn this, and needs to be by our side.


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