Resist Trump! And The Democrats!

Statement of the Left Party – United States

The hysteria surrounding Donald Trump’s ascent to the office of President of the United States of America is the result of the Democratic Party portraying him as some far-right, would-be dictator, which he is not. Trump only represents the right wing of a political establishment in the process of drifting ever further to the right, as Republicans have done for the last 75 years or so. The Trump Administration will carry out the bipartisan regime’s business as usual, building on the record of the Obama Administration. Don’t trust the Democrats to lead the resistance! Organize yourself independently against the bipartisan regime!!!

 Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election surprised everyone, but why?

Because Clinton was promoted as the chosen one, the First Female President of the United States, the obvious heir to the First African-American President, Barack Obama, and Trump was promoted as her dark opposite, a sexist, racist troll unfit even to judge a beauty contest. As Trump systematically and repeatedly offended every constituency—black, Latino, LGBT, female, and young voters (among others)—that mobilized to elect Obama twice, Clinton supporters breathlessly used Trump’s violent, racist oratory to compare him to famous fascists like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, a comparison they continue to draw to this day.

 This comparison is a gross exaggeration for three main reasons:

  1. In order to take power, Trump is not violently suppressing the institutions of U.S. “democracy for the rich.”
  2. Trump cannot represent a non-existent fascist movement, and there is no working class mass movement menacing capitalism that needs to be physically smashed, and therefore no fascist movement that is physically smashing them.
  3. The bigots supporting Trump are not organized into a movement with the intent and the means to exterminate the sectors of the population against which their hate is directed.

It is troubling that a candidate as racist, sexist, and homophobic as Trump received so many votes. However, the anti-immigrant policies, the tacit support of racist police brutality, and the unilateral and violent foreign policy that Trump exalts were all features of the Obama Administration. In all likelihood, Trump’s victory means that living conditions and democratic rights for workers and the oppressed in the U.S. and around the world will continue to deteriorate following the pattern set by worldwide industrial and banking concerns, a pattern also followed by Trump’s Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama. The main difference, it seems, is that the hateful rhetoric of the President will now more closely match the reactionary policies of the regime.

 With Trump’s victory, the Republican Party now controls the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency. There is an expectation that Trump will carry out historical demands of the conservative movement, like anti-abortion laws, reduction of government and social welfare, attacks on unions, as well as his big, stupid wall on the Mexican border. Trump and the Republicans have everything they need to go forward with their plans except for agreement amongst themselves on what their priorities should be. They face only symbolic opposition from the Democratic Party, which professes more or less unconditional support for the bipartisan regime and calls on their fellows to work with this strange, new President-Elect, while also trying to create the impression of leading the resistance by virtue of the social movements it has co-opted.

Do not trust the Democrats to lead the resistance to the regime to which they claim their true allegiance. As workers and oppressed people, we must organize to fight our common enemy, and we have to recognize that both, the Democratic and Republican parties, are that enemy.


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